Sunday, February 14, 2010

Replace the Fear of Unknown with CURIOSITY!!! Never Back Down!!!

Yesterday was one of the best days that held true to that line.

I had so many days since the last post which are worth mentioning, only to lose to my laziness in writing about the happenings. But after what happened yesterday, I felt I couldnt miss making a new post today.

I never ever could do a full circuit of the 400 metres square field (approx. a little over 100 metres each side) in the past two and a half years of my irregular cardio routine, stopped just a few metres before the mark and that was all when I had been doing cardio without a partner.

Starting this past Sunday, Vick (a good pal) has been accompanying me. We jog and do a couple of rounds of to-failure pushups. I obviously dont like to jog, as am into mass gain training for the time being, but the idea that this jog would increase my endurance level stopped me from not being regular.

And much to my happiness, the results have been dramatic! (obviously with pushing-the-limits attitude).

We had the target of doing 2 sets of 3 rounds; but after the 3rd round, on finding my self still comfortable, I decided to make it 4 and later to total 6 rounds in that very shot (It was the thought in the last few moments that made me complete the "revised" target). As I ran the last 200 metres to the mark, my lungs almost felt like going "boom", sweat over the eyelashes and my nose, my mouth turning so dry I could barely swallow my own saliva. I had almost given up but it came to me - "If I stop now, just a few metres short of that mark, I would have to live with that regret until the next time I make it. Can I endure it? Would I like to see myself coming this far and stopping just short of the mark?"....
That was the first time in my life, I felt the process I had wanted to feel happening. I felt the adrenaline rush the very next second and my legs, that refused to tire out even after I reached the mark, kicked into their last gear and I ran with all the energy turning the jog into sprint and reached the mark. As he reached just seconds after me, I said to him - "That was a run!" and shook hands. God, I had never enjoyed panting so much!

From the almost one circuit to two to three circuits and finally 6 non stop circuits in just five days!!!

Thats an acheivement for me, and I am now willing to go past that mark and make it to 7. I strongly believe life is not just about acheivements and enjoying thereafter, but its also about going past that acheivement and setting your personal best limits every time. Thats the formula to growth.

Then comes the other part. I just happened to come across this article in the newspaper while I prepared to leave, and it had this big picture of one of my fitness idols Hrithik Roshan in the best shape ever. That is the best physique I have seen so far. I just wished I had his bone frame. and wide shoulders and greek god impression and charisma and it just motivated me. Just below that was another article about this model hunt in the city that was being conducted to find models including freshers for the national show. And I immediately felt like giving it a shot, simply for experience as I know nothing of modelling world. Later that day when I woke up from the nap at 3, it was time and I was just as determined not to go as eager I had been earlier. I sat reading articles when I googled "male-catwalking", etc. Though nothing useful found but it was that moment when this thought crossed my mind "Replace the Fear of Unknown with CURIOSITY". And I went to the contest, ramp-walked, and returned with a mixed (and little shaken) state of mind, yet a very different experience.

So the day had things good in store for me and I managed to make the best of it.
I left nothing to Regret.

Goodbye until next post.


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