Saturday, February 27, 2010

Keep Moving Forward....

I am quite happy to make this post.....yet little sad coz I continue to give in to my fickle-mindedness evident in the fact that am making this post which should have been made on Tuesday.

But the better news is that I had the best and the most enjoyable workout ever this past Tuesday.

Now this one was actually a result of the competition with my friend Vick (same as in the last post) and we had to perform as many push ups and chin ups in a total of 6 sets for each. The winner would be entitled to the right to call the loser with any name or abuse anywhere in the public anytime in future, without any retalitation from the loser, and the winner deserves a treat at a fairly expensive place from the loser.

Starting with Chinups (as the no.of reps with Pull Ups significantly reduces by almost half) the first set was decent enough with 10 for me, while my friend Vick managed to pull 16 (with partial reps), gaining advantage and starting his lead streak. Now in every subsequent set whatever be the no. of my reps he managed to keep up the lead to around 6/7. At the end of the six sets, he still had a lead of 6 which now I had to make with the push ups.

Coming to the pushups, the same story continued until the last set where I needed to do everything to stop his streak and get one for myself. And I did in a way as I ended the 6th set with 33 reps, the most I could after 5 sets of almost 30 each.

Unfortunately, he pushed 28 in the last one too and emerged winner.

Now I wasn’t too sad about the loss as it was more than just clear that no matter whos the winner, both had nothing to lose. It was a win-win case for both of us as it was a great workout for both of us. I mean more than 160 press ups and more than 50 Chin ups in 6 to-failure sets, is quite a lot.

So the conclusion is: Be not afraid to give in your best. Do your best everytime you set your next foot forward. And if you achieve the target, enjoy, celebrate, reward yourself; but be not relieved, as the THE END OF A MOUNTAIN IS THE FOOTHILL OF ANOTHER.....

Have the heart of a spartan and keep moving forward. Know no stop!
Just what I believe in.....


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